Epic Receptionists provide live call answering to incoming calls and perform outgoing calls such as appointment reminders or customer follow-up. They aim to offer all employees above-average wages and benefits and to grow their product offerings to include live web chat, SMS, email, and social channels.



SMEs that are constantly carrying all elements of the business at any one time. More often than not, they're wearing many hats and juggling multiple balls. They often don’t have long attention spans and will switch off if presented with too much detail. They are used to processing information very quickly and will judge on first impressions.

Primary Niches:
Legal Professionals, Medical Practices, Financial Professionals
Secondary Niches:
Landscaping Companies, Commercial and Residential Cleaning Companies

Epic Receptionists give back time to small business owners, making sure their clients never miss another opportunity for customer interaction. Placing transparency and honesty as the base of a trusted relationship, they are committed to providing the best quality of service, cause "life is too short for mediocrity."